Farm & Environment Services

Mitchells provide professional advice on all environmental and conservation related matters. Our Services include:

Mitchells Provide Professional Advice on All Environmental and Conservation Related Matters

From January 2021 the agricultural transition period started, seeing the start of a reduction in the Basic Payment Scheme payment amounts. Between 2021 and 2027, these will gradually reduce and then stop untargeted Direct Payments. Future payments are available through the Sustainable Farming Incentive for farmers to improve the environment, improve animal health and welfare, and reduce carbon emissions. There will be three levels of support aimed at paying for sustainable farming practices, creating habitats for nature recovery, and making landscape changes such as establishing new woodland and other habitats. Some options will be open to all farmers, while others will be more targeted at a smaller number of large projects. There are significant grants available to support farmers to reduce their costs and improve their profitability, create new opportunities, support on farm storage infrastructure and equipment.


Our experienced consultants can provide tailored advice on a whole farm scale to aid maximising income and scheme incentives without compromising the operations of your farming business. Considering the current changes throughout the industry our advice will ensure you are well positioned to unlock the full range of schemes and grants available to assist in managing the natural environment alongside agriculture.


Mitchells professional services cover the following, please contact our department for us to advise and mange the following for you:

  • Planning permissions
  • Woodland Management
  • Carbon Capture, Biodiversity net gain – Carbon Audits
  • Hedgerow & Boundary
  • Equipment
  • Water Capital Grants
  • Scheme management of ongoing and future applications
  • Retirement Scheme

Hedgerow & Boundaries Grant Applications

Hedgerow and Boundary Grants are a great way to improve and reinstate traditional boundaries on your land. Options range from hedgerow laying to stone wall restoration and include supplement options such as top wiring for stone walls. The grant available is capped at £20,000.

Water Capital Grant Applications

Water Capital Grant Applications are part of the Mid-Tier scheme. However only certain options can be applied for, such as concrete yard renewal or roofing and there is a grant limit of £20,000. These applications need the support of your local Catchment Sensitive Farming Officer as applications must be seen to directly help improve water quality. It is important to note that you must be in a high priority area for water quality to achieve a successful application.

Annual & Grant Claims

We can complete and submit all annual and capital grant claims. Annual claims may be for an existing Higher-Level Stewardship or Countyrside Stewardship scheme. Grant claims could be to claim capital works undertaken in a Hedgerow and Boundary Grant or Water Capital Grant.

Advice on all Environmental Stewardship applications including Entry Level Stewardship, Uplands Entry Level Stewardship and Higher Level Stewardship

A wealth of experience in dealing with these types of schemes means that we offer advice and guidance on your exisiting schemes; whether it may be management option queries, alterations or payments.

Tailored advice on the best scheme options to maximise income, without compromising the farm business.

Applying for a new Countryside Stewardship scheme could be an option to increase farm income and create a further revenue stream that reduces reliance on the fluctuating commodity markets. It is also an effective way to secure grants for capital works whilst...

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Completing and submitting all paperwork relating to the application process.

Undetaking applications involves large amounts of paperwork and forms which can often prove to be stressful and timely. We can navigate through the application system and ensure that these are filled out correctly, we are also able to speak to involved parties on your behalf; such as a Catchment Sensitive Farming Officer for a Water Capital Only Application.

Permitting and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

Our expertise will ensure you have the correct permits in place whether that be for sheep dipping, river bank repair work or waste exemptions. We also offer felling licences and other woodland management services. If you need an EIA actioning, whether it be to plough up permanent pasture or plant Short Rotation Coppice we will provide an efficient service.

Planning Permission Requirements

Full or prior notification applications for all non or permitted agricultural developments. Also, provide a comprehensive business appraisal service for those looking to build a second house on the farm as well as business changes such as farm diversification...

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Farm regulation & compliance requirements

We offer cross compliance advice related to the Basic Payment Scheme and regulations related to slurry and silage stores. From 2019 we will be offering an all-round soil sampling service, and related nutrient advice in particular, where compliance with the new Farm Water Rules is required.

Woodland Management Services

If you have a woodland and need help to realise its full potential, we can offer a full range of practical, financial and experience based solutions for woodland owners. Our Chartered Forester offers the following:

  • Advice and support for woodland grant applications
  • Management plans
  • Felling licences
  • New woodland creation
  • Harvesting
  • Woodfuel